microcement, microcement application, buy microcement, microcement coating, microcement floors, microcement portugal, microcement price.microcement is a new concept of monolithic cement lining, which translates into contemporaneity and a solution for architecture and interior decoration. The monolithic coating system has ultra thin thickness, has good mechanical resistance, is unique in its colors, patterns and shades, in addition to its aesthetic concept with great historical and architectural value.

The system can be applied in an entire area or in specific spaces, in vertical or horizontal areas, it can be used as a floor, wall or ceiling, in indoor and outdoor areas and also in dry or wet environments, such as toilets, due to its water resistance. In addition to residential environments, microcement is also widely used in places that need a different aesthetic appeal and that have heavy traffic of people, such as commercial areas, stores, show rooms, event halls, among others, due to its characteristics mechanical resistance and easy maintenance.

Microcement does not crack and does not require joints

Microcement has the same effect as stroked cement but is produced in an industrial way and its application is also done differently and more effectively. Its application results in a continuous, marbled, uncut design, limited only by the size of the pieces and the surfaces where it is applied. The result is an extremely refined and natural looking decorative coating.

Surface finishes

The finish of the microcement can be smooth, rustic or imitate Venetian stucco. It has a modern appearance and colors in natural tones. The floor color is chosen according to the client's taste, which further expands the decorative features. Its application is handmade, so that the system can be worked to obtain the desired texture, through specific application techniques.

Our catalog offers the 40 most popular colors in the current market. Our colors are known for their perfect quality and durability.

blackshale grayleadbrownwengetopcopperhazelnut



desert tan


whitewhite-rotofrench grayjadearenaatacamasaffronpumpkinKiwicornapplemojaveblue-nochedeep bluecarmincafeKalaharipearlpiedra-parisselva

* The microcement colors indicated are approximate due to the limitations of the computer screen *

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From the first interview I was sure that Milobras would remodel my apartment to a very high standard. Thank you!

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We were very pleased with the works carried out by the Milobras team, for the professionalism, commitment and understanding of the project. We recommend Milobras.

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I opted for Milobras to completely remodel my old apartment in Lisbon. And a company attentive to detail. Dedicated professionals.

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Excellent work by Milobras in the remodeling of an apartment in Lisbon. We recommend Milobras without any doubt.

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I liked Milobras' work. I always trusted the company, I handed the keys to the house with confidence. Remodeling work on my apartment went beautifully. I recommend it to everyone!

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