Paintings Suspended ceilings and Partitions

Paintings Suspended ceilings and Partitions

paintings false ceilings and partitions, apartment painting, interior painting, exterior painting, house paintingThere are some elements that can make your home or office different and original. Among them, paintings false ceilings and partitions. The false ceilings allow to introduce in a disguised and elegant way recessed lights, air conditioning equipment and smoke extractors, among others. False ceilings with indirect lights are a great option to achieve cozy, modern and very comfortable environments, with a soft and discreet light.

Partitions are an excellent option for individualizing a space. They have the significant advantage of being able to increase the level of thermal and acoustic insulation of the divisions where they are inserted and add custom design.

The materials used in the construction of partitions and false ceilings are of a different nature and can vary between plasterboard, PVC, aluminum, laminated plaster and several others. In the final phase, the work appears to be an integral part of the original construction.

If you want a painting work, consider the existence of numerous types of paint, so it’s important to select the most suitable one. Aqueous paints widely used in interior paintings, they emit less organic compounds into the environment, requiring less ventilation. The elastic membrane paints are ideal for painting exterior walls, since they allow to protect their degradation.

Milobras has several teams of professionals specialized in painting false ceilings and partitions, who can provide the best advice on the structures to be installed and the materials and use.

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remodeling of my apartment

From the first interview I was sure that Milobras would remodel my apartment to a very high standard. Thank you!

Jose Lopes
We were very satisfied with works

We were very pleased with the works carried out by the Milobras team, for the professionalism, commitment and understanding of the project. We recommend Milobras.

Ana and António Heleno
And a company attentive to detail

I opted for Milobras to completely remodel my old apartment in Lisbon. And a company attentive to detail. Dedicated professionals.

Laura Ramos
We recommend Milobras without a doubt

Excellent work by Milobras in the remodeling of an apartment in Lisbon. We recommend Milobras without any doubt.

Margarida Ramos and Luís Ferreira
Fast and good treatment

I loved your work, they are cooperative, fast and good treatment. Of course, all of this together results in a good job and obviously in satisfaction. I recommend Milobras!

Isaura Ferreira
I liked milobras' work

I liked Milobras' work. I always trusted the company, I handed the keys to the house with confidence. Remodeling work on my apartment went beautifully. I recommend it to everyone!

Joseph Silvestre

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