Flooring and Coverings

Flooring and Coverings

floors and coverings, ceramic floors, flooring and exterior cladding, interior cladding, application of ceramicsOne of the characteristics that stands out when entering a house or an apartment for the first time is its floors and coverings. The general appearance of the floor, ceilings and walls is something that can impress, both in a living room, in a bedroom or office. At Milobras we know in depth the various environments and the types of floors and coverings that best apply to each one. We are available for a site visit, give a complete analysis and determine which materials are best to use.

It is important to choose the right materials

There are several types of interior floors and coverings, depending on the environments in which they are inserted. Some provide "warmer" environments, others a more distinct and sophisticated look. It is possible to find floors and coverings of various colors, textured, ceramic, wood, stones, tiles, among many others.

One of the most innovative flooring solutions is the underfloor heating, which is distributed over the entire floor to be heated. This floor allows a warm and cozy environment, with great comfort and total freedom to decorate the space. It is especially suitable for homes, daycare centers, hospitals or homes. In addition, it also allows you to dispense with radiators or heaters that are normally visible.

You can also choose the floor and cladding Exterior. These are also of a different nature, even because they have to be much more resistant to climate change and all the contingencies of the external environment.

At Milobras we advise which types of flooring and cladding are most suitable and what are their advantages. We help your environment to stay exactly as you wish. We have a team of professionals duly qualified to advise you.

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Customer Testimonials

remodeling of my apartment

From the first interview I was sure that Milobras would remodel my apartment to a very high standard. Thank you!

Jose Lopes
We were very satisfied with works

We were very pleased with the works carried out by the Milobras team, for the professionalism, commitment and understanding of the project. We recommend Milobras.

Ana and António Heleno
And a company attentive to detail

I opted for Milobras to completely remodel my old apartment in Lisbon. And a company attentive to detail. Dedicated professionals.

Laura Ramos
We recommend Milobras without a doubt

Excellent work by Milobras in the remodeling of an apartment in Lisbon. We recommend Milobras without any doubt.

Margarida Ramos and Luís Ferreira
Fast and good treatment

I loved your work, they are cooperative, fast and good treatment. Of course, all of this together results in a good job and obviously in satisfaction. I recommend Milobras!

Isaura Ferreira
I liked milobras' work

I liked Milobras' work. I always trusted the company, I handed the keys to the house with confidence. Remodeling work on my apartment went beautifully. I recommend it to everyone!

Joseph Silvestre

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